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Getting to the Czech Republic

Would you like to come to the Czech Republic but not quite sure how to get here? There are many possibilities, including flights, cheap railway travel with student tickets and even by comfortable buses that show movies on the way.

The fastest and most comfortable way to travel to the Czech Republic is by plane. If you’d like to get cheap tickets, you should fly with a low-cost airline. You can fly into Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Karlovy Vary or Pardubice. There are many price comparison sites on the Internet that will make your search much easier. The most frequently used destination is the Václav Havel Airport in Prague, named after the first post-communist Czech president, the world famous playwright and dissident.

If you’d like to travel in a cheerful atmosphere from somewhere in Europe, then you’ll probably decide to take a train. Instead of buying a regular single ticket, get the Interrail Pass that is valid in most European countries.

You can also take a bus; there are many international connections to the Czech Republic operated by Eurolines, Student Agency or AriaTravel. In Prague, your bus will stop at the Florenc Central Station; in Brno at Zvonařka

Getting around the Czech Republic

When travelling in the Czech Republic, the ISIC or IYTC card can get you discounts for trains and buses. Student Agency has a great discount programme.

Before you can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the train window, make sure you have the right ticket. If you look for a connection on the most frequently used Czech portal, check which carrier provides the service. There are three large carriers in the Czech Republic – České dráhy, RegioJet and LeoExpress, and they do not accept tickets from the other carriers. There is a main train station (hlavní nádraží) in the majority of Czech cities, usually located in the city centre.

If you can’t stand crowded platforms at train stations, you might want to consider a car rental. If you like to meet new people and are not afraid, you can also hitchhike or use one of the portals that offer connections with people who are travelling by car alone. It’ll save you stress and money, and you will often come out with a positive experience.

Public Transport in the Czech Republic

In cities, you can use public transport. The public transport system usually includes buses, trams, trolleybuses, ferries and in Prague also the Metro.

And if you’re tired of sitting or standing, you can rent a bike! In addition to standard bike rentals, there’s also a service called bikesharing. For example, in Prague there are pink bikes on the streets, and after you register on the website and pay a monthly fee of CZK 200, you can find the closest bike included in the project and ride it wherever you want to and then leave it to be used by someone else. After use, the bikes are either locked to a bike stand or to any other solid structure. 

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