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Currency and Tipping


The currency in the Czech Republic is the Czech crown (Kč, CZK). The Czech Republic uses coins ranging in value from CZK 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 to 50 and banknotes in the range of CZK 100, 200, 500, 1 000, 2 000 and 5 000.

More detailed information on current exchange rates is available here.

Where to change money?

  • In a bank, where you will pay about 2% of the total amount.
  • In an exchange office, which is required to provide all its terms and conditions in several languages. You should double check that the advertised zero fee also concerns the purchase of Czech crowns in any amount.
  • In the hotel in which you are staying.
  • By withdrawing money from an ATM, provided that you have an international payment card.


Payment cards are accepted in hotels, large stores, restaurants and by other service providers.

More information is available here.



Tips are usually 5-10% of the price, but you can also simply round the price up to the next tenner and leave at least CZK 5. There is no reason to leave a tip if you were not satisfied with the service. 

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