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So, you decided to visit the Czech Republic. That’s a good decision; this country is definitely worth seeing! But have you thought about where you will stay? In a hotel, a hostel, or are you planning to go camping? Now is the time to find out where you can get some cheap but quality accommodation in the Czech Republic!

If you’re thrifty, try to find a cheap hostel, which are quite common in large cities. A shared room usually starts at 200 Czech crowns per person/day.

You can also check out the website of the Czech Hostel Association. If you are an active traveller, it’s a good idea to get the international hostel card, which gives you discounts not only for accommodation, but also for many of the castles, chateaux and cultural events. An alternative, of course, is the international website of hostel price comparisons.

Using the university dorms is another cheap and acceptable solution: you can stay there either individually, or in a group, and prices are usually lower than in hostels. Try, for example, Prague – Jižní město or Strahov.

If you would like to stay closer to nature and you’re not afraid of camping in a tent or a caravan, you can use one of the many campsites available all over the country. Also, the campsites often rent cottages or bungalows. To find a more luxurious accommodation in a nature area, try Alan Rogers´s website.

Would you like to experience a bit of adventure and the true atmosphere of the city you’re planning to visit? If you have the courage and haven’t left home yet, register with Couchsurfing: it’s a service that will help you travel the world with minimal costs. It’s based on the principle of sharing your home with travellers. Before you set off, send a request for accommodation; the locals will check out your profile and if they like you, they will invite you to their homes.

If you have some extra money and would like to enjoy the spirit of the past, you can spend a night at a castle, chateau or a ruin,  hundreds of which are found throughout the Czech Republic. Some of them offer accommodation directly; if not, asking the manager is definitely worth a try.

There are many good boarding houses and hotels in the Czech Republic, and many of them also offer romantic weekend stays for couples. You can enjoy wellness programmes, including aroma massages or spa procedures. An interesting alternative for a good rest is the unique beer or hemp spa. 

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