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Student Discounts

Are you a university student? Then you can enjoy many discounts in the Czech Republic with the use of a student card. The main card in the Czech Republic that proves you are a student is ISIC, the international student card. The list of all discounts is available at the ISIC website.

If you aren’t a student but are under the age of 26, you can use IYTC – a travel discount card for the young. Don’t forget to get your card before your departure; it usually takes several days to get it and you can also apply on-line.

Transportation discounts for long-distance buses or trains are usually most important for travellers. The card will also get you discounted car or bike rentals.

Also, accommodation for students is often cheaper with the card, e.g. at university dorms or in hostels. It’s also a good idea to have a hostel discount card, which gives you other advantages.

Most major fast food chains and cafes also provide discounts when you present your ISIC card, or you can get a free bonus with your purchase.

There are also discounts for museums, theatres, castles, chateaux, galleries and cinemas. The card will also get you cheaper admission to various games such as laser games, paintball or bowling. Also, tickets for music and film festivals will also cost you less with the card.

You can get discounts and cheaper tickets in sports facilities, fitness centres and swimming pools and water parks.

When you go shopping, don’t be afraid to ask if the shop provides any discounts to students. Sometimes you don’t even need the ISIC card if you have a document with your date of birth or the school where you study. However, remember to ask about the discount before you pay. 

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