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The Czech Republic is equipped with widespread technologies for broadband internet connection. All regular technical connection standards may be used.


Wireless connection via Wi-Fi is commonly used. Netbooks, notebooks or smartphones may be easily connected via Wi-Fi in restaurants, cafés, hotels, and in numerous other locations.

Broadband, ADSL, fixed connection

Companies, households and virtually all hotels are equipped with fast fixed connections.

Mobile technologies

Connection to the internet with the use of mobile technologies is also possible. Currently, especially larger towns are covered with a signal, but the level of coverage is gradually increasing. The following technologies are available: UMTS (3G, 4G), EDGE, GPRS, CDMA, LTE and others.

Internet without a computer or smartphone

Numerous cafés offer connection to the internet, either free or paid (usually hourly). Some shopping centres have gaming zones where connection to the internet is possible. Public libraries also offer internet connection. Almost all hotels provide access to a computer with internet connection.

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