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Try city mobile applications

There are many ways to make your stay in the city more pleasant and one of the ways is to use mobile applications. Applications will let you explore the city using non-traditional forms and have fun while doing so.

Hidden stories of the town of Plzeň (Pilsen)
You may now explore the capital of city of European culture thanks to a mobile application called Plzeň 2015 - the Hidden City. A virtual master brewer will guide you through the city, or an architect called Martina, a designer called Veronika, American veteran Tony and many other characters that are connected with the history and the present of the city. Besides many interesting guides you may also use a comprehensive cultural guide called Plzeň 2015.
The mysterious city of Ostrava
Do you like adventure? You may now visit the most interesting places in the town of Ostrava thanks to a thrilling mobile game called Code Salomon, as you are searching for a magic talisman of the Baron Rothschild.
Feeling hungry?
Do you feel hungry and do not want to go outside? With an application called you can have lunch or dinner on your own table at the touch of a button. All you need to do is order from a huge selection of international dishes. A courier will deliver your meal to your doorstep.
With Liftago you will always get where you need to go. You will select who you will be riding with, the car model and how you want to pay. You may even view the actual price in the application. The service is not territorially limited, but so far, most taxis are available in Prague. 
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