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USE-IT maps for young travellers

USE-IT maps provides non-commercial information about selected European cities for young travellers with low budgets. It's an alternative to a commercial guidebook that will help you discover the true face of cities outside the tourist areas.

Here you will find tips about where to go for a drink at student prices or where to dance the night away with DJs for free. It will take you to hidden corners where you will discover the live culture and the authentic nature of the city itself.
In addition to Prague the network includes six other cities. Thanks to the hard work of numerous volunteers you can avoid the tourist shops and pubs with overpriced beer and go to places where the real Czech culture lives and thus experience the city as local students do.

Before setting off on your trip you can download the maps from the website or stop in at the nearest info centre and ask for a USE-IT map. Then enjoy your trip in a different way!

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