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Street art in Prague

A feast for your eyes can not only be seen in historical monuments while visiting Prague, but also in its street art. It opens your eyes, frees your imagination and connects the city and the arts into one living organism.

A symbol of freedom, known as Lennonova zeď (Lennon‘s wall) in Kampa, is a place where new mottos, poems, paintings and messages have been appearing since the 1970s. It was named Lennon‘s wall after his death, when a portrait of Lennon first appeared there. Under his heritage and contribution to “peace and love“, locals and tourists alike leave their mark here.

The one kilometre long Modřanská Orionka is the longest legal space for graffiti in Europe. You may see other works in Florence near the Chotkovy alleys, or on the Barrandov bridge.

One of the main names that brings controversial art to this metropolis is David Černý. This Czech artist has dispersed more than a dozen of his artworks around the city. The most popular include the babies on the Žižkov TV tower (Žižkovský vysílači), and their three “siblings“ in Kampa park. We should also mention his last completed work, the 11-metre tall bust of Franz Kafka on Národní třída.

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