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The specialities of Czech cuisine you simply have to try

Even though Czech cuisine is similar to Austrian and German cuisine, it has its own unique magic, which has won the heart of many foreigners and travellers who have ever visited Bohemia or Moravia. And many of them are happy to visit again, particularly to enjoy typical Czech dishes such as roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut or roast beef sirloin with cream sauce and dumplings.

Modern Czech cuisine is generally considered fairly heavy and contains a lot of meat. Meat, whether this is pork, beef or chicken, is the domain of most Czech cooks. Even though there are a rising number of vegetarians in the Czech Republic, typical Czech cuisine has still not been adapted to their tastes much. In the Czech Republic we enjoy our meat most often with sauces and the traditional dumplings, or with other side dishes. However, the most typical Czech side dish is the dumpling, which you will not encounter anywhere else with as much frequency as you will in this country.

Soups bring a pleasant lightness to the Czech table and Czechs cook many varieties of them. The most popular soups include Wallachian kyselice, potato soup and South-Bohemian cream soup with potatoes and dill. Various types of bread, such as sliced rye bread, buns or the typical roll, are most often served with soup.

Sweet dishes are the final item on the list of Czech delicacies. The most typical of these are leavened buns with a sweet filling, Moravian kolace called frgál and trdelník made from enriched leavened dough.

Apple strudel is very popular, as well as other types of strudel. And we must not forget the distinctively delicious gingerbread, typical of the Pardubice Region.

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