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Following in the footsteps of Czech beer culture

Bohemia and beer go together so well that is almost impossible to imagine one without the other. The Czech Republic is not only known for its production of quality lagers and beers, but also ranks as one of the largest consumers of this golden nectar in the world. Beer is used for cooking and even in beer spas to harvest exceptional therapeutic effects.

The beer brewing tradition on the territory of today’s Czech Republic goes all the way back to the Middle Ages. Czech beer recipes vary from brewery to brewery, but the three basic ingredients, water, malt and hops, remain the same. It is the hop, known as green gold, that gives the Czech “liquid bread” its typical bitter taste, and differentiates it from other beers throughout the world.

Foreign beers are often missing the typical Czech beer head, which is created by a proper beer tapping process. However, even this phenomenon is not identical around the Czech Republic. In Bohemia beer on tap is fully poured at once, but in Moravia it takes several pours. Moravian tapping gives the beer a denser foam cap, but less sparkling effect. Beer connoisseurs are familiar with the well-known “mlíko“ (milk) effect. It is a beer drafted in a certain way so that a virtually pure foam makes up the glass. Adversely the so-called “čochtan” draft beer is completely free of foam.

Thanks to the revival of small breweries you may now taste a variety of specialty beers, such as unfiltered, unpasteurised, yeast beers or other flavoured beers. However, the Pilsner style lager is still the most commonly drunk beer. Ranked between 11 to 12.5 degrees it is served chilled at about 9°C.

For more information about places and events that shape the city of Prague, visit Do Prahy za pivem (Beer in Prague) project site. To your health!

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