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Non-traditional walks in Prague

Travel enthusiasts should pay attention now. Prague offers unusual walks allowing you to see the city from a different perspective.

Who else would know hidden city corners better than those who live there? Thanks to your tour guides – the homeless, you will become part of the life on the street for a few hours. Your poetry-loving tour guide Honza will walk you through the footsteps of Czech artists. Extravagant Karim will uncover places in Prague’s underworld, and guitarist Ondra will show you the busking face of the city and play something from his repertoire for you. Each guide is an interesting personality. Prague, without decorations and with real life stories from the streets – this is Prague’s street (Pragulic).

You may also learn about the dark history when our country was ruled by the communist regime. It is also on the menu of unconventional routes. Put on a gas mask and walk through dark corridors fourteen metres below the city. You will hear stories of prisoners and dissidents, visit the STB communist secret police headquarters, and see many photos demonstrating how cruel this time period was.

The beating heart of the city is where the people and culture are. The real culture outside the tourist zones. Galleries, street art, graffiti and community gardens. The Prague Alternative Tour is a group of young artists that offer more than just the typical tours around the main sights. They open the gate to Prague’s soul, a city saturated with many subcultures and different scenes.

See how Prague really lives!

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