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Non-traditional swimming in natural bio pools

A refreshing summer swim in crystal clear water without the chemicals you find elsewhere? Now instead of travelling to the sea you can go to any one of dozens of swimming bio pools across the Czech Republic.


The water is not kept clean by chemicals, but by microorganisms and bacteria. The swimming pool is divided into two parts. One is just for swimmers and the other is a lagoon with plants which look after the clarity of the water. Thanks to them the swimming pool has a natural character and fits perfectly into the natural environment of small Czech towns.

And there are plenty of them around the country too! You will find a bio pool near Prague in Radotín. And in Moravia you can visit the first ever bio pool in the Czech Republic in Kovalovice u Brna or in Šiklův mlýn. The largest Czech bio pool is about 10 km from Plzeň at Kotynka, and in České Budějovice you can refresh yourself at the Lazna pool in Borovany.

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