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The city as a canvas

Czech cities unleash the imagination and lend their “space” to young artists.

Zlín, a city famous for its native Tomáš Baťa, has turned into a centre of design. During the MEET CZECH DESIGN event, another event called Queens Graffiti Jam took place that allowed local artists to transform the front wall of an underpass in the park at the bus station.

Visit Liberec for alternative arts

What does a giant chair (obří židle) in the square, a designer bench (designová lavice) or an alien child under the Ještěd Mountain (mimozemské dítě pod Ještědem) mean? A group called Spacium wants to use artistic activities to initiate the active involvement of citizens in the urban environment in which they live. These small and large sculptures may be found scattered throughout the entire city.

The city of Plzeň is full of culture

The seven wonders of Plzeň. This could be attributed to the effort of the organisers of the 2015 European Capital of Culture programme, who decided to artistically revive neglected spaces in the city centre (zanedbaná místa v centru).

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