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How does it look in... Czech and Moravian towns?

The best way to find out is with your own eyes, or maybe by watching a video. Get to know as many towns as possible!


People are happy here. Take a look at this Moravian metropolis from a slightly different angle. In the cover of a popular song by Pharrell Williams you will see the best of Brno – brněnská nej.


What would it be like to pack up and leave for another country and stay there for half a year? A semester full of new people, from the beginning in an unknown, yet živé město (lively city). And perhaps even love. Still hesitating?


Summer without a music festival is like Christmas without a tree, and Christmas in the summer is an event called Colours of Ostrava. This event takes place in the industrial area of the Vítkovice ironworks, in an environment full of unique industrial architecture. The fact that the city does not only live in July may be seen in this video.


Plzeň became the 2015 European Capital of Culture. Discover the city outside of the marked hiking trails. Rejuvenate yourselves with the famous miracle hops and enjoy this city in its full.

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