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What should I bring from the Czech Republic?

Here is a little advice to start with: "Avoid kitsch". We have several gift tips for typical Czech items and you will not need to reach deep into your pocket.

Even in a regular supermarket you will find a large selection of Czech delicacies. Expand your horizons and enjoy various new tastes of the traditional Czech herb liqueur Becherovka, Moravian plum brandy or a beer gift set. If you like sweets try the world-renowned Karlovarské (Carlsbad) spa waffles or Hořické trubičky (chocolate rolls).
Kafka, Kundera, Hrabal or Havel. These are just a few of the names of the most popular Czech writers who have become famous all over the world. Their books and translations to many languages may be found in many bookstores.
You may also please your loved ones with a set of high-quality art supplies made by KOH-I-NOOR, the tradition of which dates back to 1790.
Your visit would not be complete if you did not meet the popular cartoon character the Little Mole. This cartoon character even took a ride to space aboard the space shuttle Endeavour as a cuddly toy. Krteček (Little Mole) plush toys and many other gifts with the Krteček motif may be found in every toy store. 
One of the proven traditional gifts are glass artworks and jewellery made by Czech craftsmen.


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