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A proverb says that hunger is the best cook, but if your taste buds desire a true gastronomic experience, visit one of the gastronomic establishments mentioned below. The more people you ask, the more opinions they have. Let yourself be guided and find out what is right for you.

A tip for walk lovers

Does your meal taste better outside? Then a Prague Food truck is perfect for you. This mobile kitchen will serve you meals made from quality ingredients at affordable prices in minutes. Just find a nice park and enjoy your lunch outside.

For burger lovers

Are you a burger lover? You can try one of the most famous burgers in Beroun, a town near Prague. Blackdog Cantina serves tasty burgers in a pleasant and kind family environment. If you have still got room for something else, try the legendary “Death by chocolate” (Čokosmrt), a cake bursting with chocolate.

For lovers of Czech cuisine

The perfect “svíčková”, a Czech sirloin dish, is served at the Na pekárně restaurant. Authentic home cooking and friendly staff will bend over backwards for you. Stop dreaming and visit one of the best Czech chefs in Čakovičky near Prague.

For “bistro” lovers

Do you have a little time? Are you hungry and don’t want to go to a fast-food restaurant? Are you looking for a friendly interior, affordable lunch menu and irresistible desserts? You will get all of this in a small restaurant called Brno Soul. A Bistro style restaurant, which quickly gained popularity thanks to its varied menu and friendly atmosphere.

For farmers

The U Štěpána public house offers one unquestionable advantage. It is part of an organic farm, where they prepare steaks from their own cattle. Your enjoyment will be further enhanced by the beautiful view of the Plzeňský (Plzeň) Region.

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