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Czech snacks that go with beer

Good meals that go well with great beer. Whether you order the savoury delicacy pickled sausage, marinated hermelín (Camembert-style cheese) or ripened cheese called "tvarůžky", your taste buds will be tickled with pleasure.

Ripened cheese from the town of Olomouc is a popular Czech delicacy. It is made of sour curd and it is well-known for its savoury flavour and typical aroma. The older this cheese is, the stronger the taste, the softer the consistency and the stronger the aroma. You may purchase tvarůžky in most restaurants and shops, or from only two vending machines in the world - in Olomouc and Loštice.
Other popular beer delicacies include pickled cheese and sausages. Hermelín cheese, which is similar to French Camembert cheese, with a white mould on the surface, is marinated with onion and spices in oil and matures for several days. Pickled sausages are matured in a similar way. These are actually smoked sausages with onion in a sweet and sour marinade.
You may prepare marinated hermelín cheese Here is the recipe at home.
We encourage you to taste other delicacies such as brawn with onion, bread with lard or crackling.
These delicacies are enjoyed with bread and chilled beer of course. 


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