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About the project II

The “Czech Republic as a Cool Destination for Young Travellers” project

The main aim of the “Czech Republic as a Cool Destination for Young Travellers” project is to effectively reach the specific target group of young travellers using forms of communication that have the potential to address this target group and generate interest in visiting the Czech Republic. This project goal will be achieved through an intense communication campaign based on the proposed creative concept and by establishing an attractive and functional e-platform.


Project implementation period:  1 April 2013 – 30 June 2015


Project budget: CZK 25,000,000, of which CZK 21,250,000 is an EU subsidy (IOP)


Source countries:

Germany, Poland, Austria, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Italy


Project partners:

University of Economics, Prague, Faculty of International Relations

ISIC – International Student Identity Card Association


Starting position:

Young travellers represent a significant share of foreign tourists to the Czech Republic, and as far as repeat visits are concerned, they represent a clientele with underutilised potential. Marketing communication focused on this target group must be highly creative and interactive. The CzechTourism Agency lacks an online platform with content and a communication form focused on young foreign travellers.


Main activities:


1. e-Platform and digital advertising

The output of the project will be a microsite providing information to young travellers in seven languages (Czech, English, German, Polish, French, Spanish and Italian). The website will also include a free download of a mobile application with a database of service providers in a day and night version.




2. Marketing campaign

The marketing campaign will be implemented using various tools based on the marketing concepts proposed in the “Cool Czech Republic” student competition organised in cooperation with the Prague International Advertising Festival (PIAF).


More information:

Mgr. Ondřej Janků

IOP Project Manager

tel.: +420 221 580 622




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