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The largest outdoor dance party in Central Europe, again in Prague. Fans of wild music and visual show definitely shouldn’t miss this October date. The feeling of belonging unites all visitors who are surrounded by pyro effects, lasers and world-famous DJs.

Transmission is an unforgettable experience. It is a unique and perfect connection of electronic dance music, special effects, scenography and live dancers. Each year Transmission has a new and special theme for visitors to guide them through the night.

A special and welcome part of Transmission is the tailor-made “show movies” and visualisations by the Dutch VJ Team – Vision Impossible. The organizers warn that it will boom. The noise level ranges between 102 and 105 dB, so make sure you include earplugs in your gear. On the other hand, leave your laser pointers at home. There’ll be enough lasers there anyway.

To get some good rest after the event, the organizers have prepared a list of places where you can stay the night. More information here.

This is what it looked like last year. Will you be in the video this year?


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