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This event features more than 500 performers in one of the largest hip-hop festivals in Europe. Hip Hop Kemp draws crowds with its one-of-a-kind atmosphere and incredible line-up. But it will not just be rap. Dancers, athletes and other groups of performers from around the world will perform.

The organisers of Hip Hop Kemp say they always try to create the most intense atmosphere, which you will look forward to all year. And it is indisputable that they have succeeded. Twerk, getting tens of thousands of visitors all fired up, and hundreds of performers from 19 countries all appeared at the 18th annual Hip Hop Kemp festival full of rhymes, word games and rap.

Last year's incredible line-up included performers such as $uicideboy$, Chief Keef and even Kontrafakt from Slovakia. There was plenty to enjoy. The workshop presented by Martina Vytisková, whose twerk dancing got going so well that some visitors' jaws even dropped, is evidence of this.

If you have doubts about whether it's worth it, don't. The organisers claim that last year's event was not the best. The best will be this year.

Hradec Králové

Today, Hradec Králové still rates as one of the cities with the best quality of life, which may be thanks to the architectonical quintessence of its pre-war ideals. When you are in Hradec, go for a walk. Enjoy the timeless ideas of Josef Gočá...
In Hradec Králové:

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