Day Night

Benátská!, known as Benátská noc, is a festival that definitely does not sleep at night. Top Czech and Slovak music performers successfully compete with their foreign rivals and make the Vesec area near Liberec resound with music. 

Line up

This is the twenty-fifth year of the four-day rock-folk festival Benátská! Domestic and international stars take turns on the stage and so you have a chance to hear Divokej Bill, Bonnie Tyler, Jarek Nohavica, Guano Apes and many others.

Benátská! takes place in the Vesec area, where the world championships in cross-country skiing once took place. But you don’t need to go cross-country anywhere; just come and have fun.

Tickets for the festival that knows no borders are available now. Benátská! is the only Czech festival that is completely barrier-free, and the people with handicap can use the elevated podium in front of the main stage. 


When the early morning fog clears and the sunlight caresses the vague contours of hill peaks and observation towers begin to shine you are ready to go.  Get in a red cable car cabin and ride to the highest peak above the town of Liberec, w...

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