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The summer holiday is in full swing and you are in Prague. Naturally, you are going to see some of the old buildings… but don’t forget to have fun! Even though Prague is often presented as a conservative city full of Gothic, Renaissance and  Baroque architecture, it isn’t that reserved. You can find out for yourself at one of the summer open-air and indoor events that you will still remember at Christmas. But no jumping the queue: let’s start at the beginning.

A tour is a must every time you visit a new city. Let’s take a tour of modern architecture in Prague. Sample the delightfully geometrical dramaturgy of the New Stage of the National Theatre, discover the graceful curves of the Dancing House at Rašínovo nábřeží, walk under the sharp steeples of the Emmaus Monastery, succumb to the suggestive magic of the industrial at MeetFactory, DOX gallery and Forum Karlín and finally, let the icy beauty of the mirror windows of the National Technical Library dazzle you. And, where modern construction is not possible, modern artists are trying to get noticed. For example, the provocative David Černý, whose original sculptures are all over the city centre (Crawling Babies in Kampa or on the Žižkov tower, the forty-tonne kinetic Franz Kafka’s head by the Quadrio shopping centre in Národní Třída, the ironic twist on the famous statue of Saint Wenceslaus in the Lucerna Palace arcade, the mechanical sculpture Peeing Guys by Herget Brickyard or the frightening Hanging Out Sigmund Freud in Husova Street). 

Party Prague

Maybe you need a break. Stroll along the river to the place where the riverbanks are alive and where more and more people suddenly emerge. You’ll have a great time at the Vltava Riverside. Have a drink by the river, watch the hustle and bustle just two steps away from the water and enjoy the warm, almost coastal atmosphere. The afternoon sun turns the city orange and you can just sit back and enjoy the spectacular view of the magnificent Hradčany across the river.

You will enjoy this so much that you might even want to leave the land and be carried away by the river. And why not! Get on board and take a cruise. When the sun sets, the party on the boat begins. And if you are not a fan of parties on the water, don’t despair. There are countless clubs in Prague of various genres so you can easily find the one you will love, be it SaSaZu, Roxy, NOD, Palác Akropolis, Lucerna Music Bar, Cross Club, Jazz Dock or… why don’t you choose for yourself.

Barbecue Romance

After a party, it’s good to slow down, relax and eat something filling. There are many places to enjoy barbecue outdoors in Prague in style. Take your blanket, food and a mate and go to Petřín, a place dedicated to romance, picnics and barbecue. Petřín is a four-hundred-meter-high hill in the centre of Prague with an observation tower at the very top, strongly resembling the Eiffel Tower. You can get to the top by the funicular or you can walk up accompanied by the intoxicating scent of blooming cherry trees in spring. Make a few stops on the way: relax on the blanket or use the marked areas to grill something (in Lobkovicka Garden and in Kinský Garden). You can enjoy food outdoors at other places as well, such as Rieger’s Orchards, Letná or Stromovka – you can even borrow an outdoor grill at the Šlechtovka restaurant.

Festival Prague

If you are in the mood for some culture after all that romance, just choose: Foodparade, Prague Food Festival, Czech Beer Fest, Febiofest, Mezipatra Queer Film FestivalOne World or Famufest. At the beginning of October, Prague turns into a city of design. The show of the best from Czech design workshops – Designblok, has several venues presenting new ideas from fashion designers, manufacturers of furniture and accessories, and so on. The streets of Prague belong to light for four nights in October when the Signal Festival takes place: it is a festival of lights also closely related to design. The city is lit with creative installations and cool video mapping…

United Islands

Here it comes again! The third weekend in June, the stages on the Prague Islands (Slovanský, Dětský, Střelecký, Kampa) will creak under the music delights and the whole city will be alive with a festival atmosphere. The Prague music event of the year will host about 200 music projects from more than 20 countries. The festival opens with the Club Night on Thursday, when about thirty clubs are open for free. United Islands is the largest open-air festival in the Czech Republic with more than 60,000 visitors. The Islands host interesting domestic and foreign musicians, famous and new bands and discoveries from the European club scene. In the past years, you could see Ali Warren Band and November 2nd, Kraak & Smaak, trip-hoppy Sofa Surfers or the dubstep duo Jazzsteppa.

United Islands is not the last music festival that Prague offers. You could spend half a year in the Prague streets visiting Respect Festival, AghaRTA Prague Jazz Festival, Nouvelle Prague, Imagination Festival and so on.


Prague is the main Central European traffic junction, making it easily accessible by plane, car or train. Prague is also the best starting point for trips to other Bohemian and Moravian cities. To get around the city, you can use the great public transport system or taxi. Information about transport in Prague is available here.

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